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February 15, 2013
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Dave x Reader: Drabble.
((This will have some sexual stuff in it, but not the real thing. Please do enjoy anyway~! ))

Hello, there! Your name is ____  _______! Right now you are in the small kitchen of the apartment you share with your Boyfriend of 2 years. His name, “Cool kid” Dave Strider no he is not in fact as cool as he plays out to be. Really in the reality of everything he’s just a big stuck up-Oh sorry…He’s YOUR stuck up asshat! But anyways you have just finished cleaning up something’s left around the place that Dave has been too lazy to clean himself. Not that you really minded, you liked cleaning stuff! As silly as it sounds cleaning helps you think clearly and you know just have thoughts about the day and future advents! You heard footsteps but when you turned around no one was there, but there was something on the table…

…Its candy!!!

You have such a sweet tooth this is awesome! But…when did it get there? You didn’t think Dave was home…oh well screw it! You picked it up it was one of those rainbow stick lollipop’s every time you would at least try to eat one Dave decides to ruin it for you telling you it looks like a penis. You never saw what he saw it just looks like a lollipop to you! You carefully un-wrap the sweet sugary stick and throw the wrapper in the trash. Sitting down at the table finally maybe you can enjoy one of these without Dave being a giant Pervert about it. Slowly putting the tip into your mouth you begin to suck on the sweet delicacy licking it all over, not aware of the Younger Strider watching you from the crack in the door that leads to the kitchen.

*Dave’s P.O.V*

My plan was working perfectly! She actually fell for it ha! When she’s not expecting it I’ll all go and walk in and say ‘It still looks like a fucking penis’ and she would make this hilarious face in disgust and drop the thing. It works every time, so I’m waiting for the perfect timing to….My god….I continued to stare at her sucking and licking that thing…it was kind of hot. This is not in the plan dude stay focused at the task at hand! But…on the other hand he was getting a little aroused by this. FUCK MY LIFE WHY MUST SHE BE SO DAMMED SEXY!! Watching her more intently I felt like a freaking stalker. Oh..There goes my penis getting all high and mighty again…GO THE FUCK DOWN NOT NOW DICK!

*3rd person P.O.V*

____ couldn't help but hear a slight noise coming from the other side of the door to the kitchen. Looking through the corner of her (e/c) orbs she spots a Dave. Well, even from there she could see his face is red and the obvious thing was he was patting his penis murmuring some shit. Oh, she knew what this was…He was getting Horney watching her eat the lollipop. That. Fucking. Pervert. She thought for a second into her brain hatched an idea!
Dave on the other side seriously wanted to replace that thing with his. But for now all he could do is watch…wait…is it just him or are you getting into to that?! Really! That did not help his little “problem” in his pants he can feel the pants tighten has his bulge grew in sight of the girl. Dammed he just wanted to pin you to that table and just fuck the living shi- *Snap*
His eyes widen as he see’s you chomp half of it off…holding his penis he could almost feel the pain.
She smirked as she heard him whimper in fear of having his dick chomped off if he tried anything. Footsteps could be heard run away from the door.

He won’t be asking you anytime soon for favors.
Okay this is a mother fruking FAIL.

Holy shit why must my mind be filled with such thoughts! Sorry, this idea came to me because I got this lollipop penis looking candy thing and i'm eating it and my sister is like that looks like a penis.

I threw it away after that! xD

But I hope you can enjoy my fail of writing skills! :iconfaceeverythingplz:

Dave belongs to Hussie.

You belong to Dave.

And your soul is Hussie's. :33
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That was beautiful
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there is pretty much no possible way more to eat a lollipop without thinking wrong. no. possible. way. 
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I love u maaaaaan

this is awesome, and I feel like doing this now haha

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You're my favorite now :) (ノ◥▶◀◤)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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xDDD im laughing so hard right now this was funny
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There is apparently no possible way to eat a lollipop.....
Without making it look perverted
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this is my favorite fanfiction i shared it with a lot of my friends thank u for this
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